Wednesday, April 2, 2008

5 Reasons I am Glad it is April

#5. Spring is in the air!!!

After this bitter winter I can't wait to get some sunshine. This picture of Gage and Nate is from 2005.

#4. School is almost out!

Only two more weeks of classes and then finals. Yikes!
#3. I don't have to water the pig.

I couldn't think of a number 3, but I found this picture of Tom in Paraguay watering his pet pig.

#2. Flipping the Calendar

I love my MCR calendar. This month Gerard adorns my wall. I get to see his beautiful face everyday.

I tried taking a picture without the flash, but it turned out RED! It still looks cool.


Only nine more days! I can't wait!!!!!


cowgirl4christ said...

Omg! I am terribly jealous of your calender! ;p
In reply to comments you left me ...

Seeing Paramore in concert would be awesome! Make sure to let me know how it goes! And good luck on you finals :p
I'm definantly stocking up on MCR shirts when we got to the concert ... then I'll buy a tour shirt and Lord knows whatever else they have for sale at the show ;) We're also going to Hot Topic in a few days and I'll see what they have. I hate eyeshadow creases too >.< lol
I know, LynZ and him seem really happy together. Best wishes for both of them!
Good job doing your english assignment on Gerard - that's awesome :D

See ya later!

Tara said...
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Ang said...

Look how little Gager is!! So cute. I'm super glad it's April too.

Good luck on your finals!