Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let's hope the next 18 months go by as fast as the last did!

I really wish I had written more posts before I leave, but I wanted to make sure I did one last time before I left. I can't believe I'm going on a mission. I'm excited, but scared and I wish you all a very fond farewell.

My MTC address is:
Sister Kristen Diane Smtih
Chile Santiago West Mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT 84604

And for the mission:
Sister Kristen Diane Smith
Chile Santiago West Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0510
(This is the pouch service. Only postcards and letters that are single sheet, folded into three panels, and taped at the top only, no envelopes.)

and packages:
Sister Kristen Diane Smith
Chile Santiago West Mission
Pedro de Valdivia 1423
29 Santiago 29

"It's quite all right
and goodbye for now
just look up to the stars
and believe who you are
cuz it's quite all right
and so long, goodbye."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Then and Now

After my sister-in-law ran a marathon in April, I decided that I wanted to run one after I get back from my mission. However, I am hugely fat. So my sister, Tara, has taken me under her wing and been my personal trainer since school got out at the end of April. We go to the gym together once a week and I try to go at least 3 or more times a week on top of that. I weigh in every Monday and this week, I am very proud to say, I have lost a grand total of 21 pounds! That's a large cat! So here is a picture of me in December:

In April:

And today, 21 pounds lighter:

Woot! Woot!

Angela's New House

This is Shaundawg in the kid's room. The ceiling is painted like sky, it's super cute. This is the closet in the kid's room. She said she might leave the shelves in.
These are the doors to the kid's room. I think they are friggin' adorable.
This is the patio.
This is me.
This is the bano.
This is the master bano.
This is the shower in the master bano.
Second bedroom.
Master bedroom. She's going to put blinds in.

This is the comfy couch.
This is the comfy sofa.
This is the kitchen. It's huge!
This is the dining room.
This is the desk and pantry.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Where in the world did I get called?!?!?!

I finally got my mission call! The mailman brought it by special this morning. I got my family together to open it and it's official: I am going to serve in the Chile Santiago West Mission! I enter the MTC September 24th! Woot! Woot! Hola! Me llamo Hermana Smith de la iglesia de Jesu Cristo de los santos de los ultimos dias. Wow! Look at me go!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I am such a goober!!

I haven't posted in ages and I feel terrible about it! So much has occured! I don't have the time I need to write everything cuz I've got dinner cooking on the stove and I should probably check on it before it fuses to the pan. But some moments of importance that have happened are:

#1. Happy Birthday Angela and Gage!!!

I know it's been like a month, but I just wanted to wish you both a happy birthday!

#2. My boy won! I heart my American Idol. Chelsea, I am so taking you up on the offer to go to your HS reunion.

#3. I got a fish!!! His name is Charles. I have a story about why I decided to get a fish, but it is too long of a story for the time being.

And just as a side note, I turned in my mission papers on Sunday and could have my call as early as next Wednesday! Pray for Jersey!!!

I love you all and I will promise to post more often!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

TAG! I'm it!

This weekend has been crazy! I've studied my brains out for finals. I must have studied 10 or 12 hours alone just for my trig final. At this point, I don't even care anymore. All I have left to do is read my scriptures, say my prayers, and hope for divine intervention. I always freak myself out before finals, but then I end up doing okay. This is the most I've ever studied for them and I just hope I can remember all the crap that I'm supposed to.

Anyhew, Cowgirl tagged me, so here are six weird things about me and the five people I want to find six weird things about:

1. I can't tell my right from my left. Honestly. Unless I am driving. It really takes me a couple minutes to try and figure it out and then there is still a 50% chance that I am wrong.

2. I wish life were a musical. You know how sometimes you stop and think to yourself, "It would be perfect if this song was playing right now?" I feel like that all the time.

3. I have my outfit picked out for the marathon I want to run in three years. My sister-in-law ran the SLC marathon this weekend, and now I kind of really want to run one as well. I want to wear a black tank top that says "I do it the Gerard Way" and fluorescent green shorts.

4. I really want to dye my hair like this (not the cut, just the dye job. I love my long hair) :

Black with orange-ish/blonde on top. I think it would be way cute. And another tribute to my fave lead singer. Ha!

5. I want to serve my mission in New Jersey. It's been my lifelong goal to teach Jon Bon Jovi. (and now Gerard Way!)

6. I have a Britney Spears song on my iPod! AGGGHHH! Don't worry. It's a Christmas song off a multi-artist CD. It's actually pretty good.

Well, that's weirdo me. I therefore tag: Angela, Kimm, Lisa, Chelsea, & Natalie.

Whew! Well, I should really get back to studying. Wish me luck with finals and hope that I see emo kid again! I was gonna give him my number last week, but I never saw him. If I don't see him this week, I may never see him again! Aggh! I'm in love with a boy and I don't even know his name! Haha!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Other #1 Reason I'm Excited It's April...


My sister-in-law is flying in tomorrow! She is running the SLC Marathon on Saturday. She's going to be a-freakin-mazing! GO ANG! GO!

This is a picture of us on the Monster Mouse Roller Coaster at the Puyallup State Fair. (She's the good looking one.)