Sunday, April 20, 2008

TAG! I'm it!

This weekend has been crazy! I've studied my brains out for finals. I must have studied 10 or 12 hours alone just for my trig final. At this point, I don't even care anymore. All I have left to do is read my scriptures, say my prayers, and hope for divine intervention. I always freak myself out before finals, but then I end up doing okay. This is the most I've ever studied for them and I just hope I can remember all the crap that I'm supposed to.

Anyhew, Cowgirl tagged me, so here are six weird things about me and the five people I want to find six weird things about:

1. I can't tell my right from my left. Honestly. Unless I am driving. It really takes me a couple minutes to try and figure it out and then there is still a 50% chance that I am wrong.

2. I wish life were a musical. You know how sometimes you stop and think to yourself, "It would be perfect if this song was playing right now?" I feel like that all the time.

3. I have my outfit picked out for the marathon I want to run in three years. My sister-in-law ran the SLC marathon this weekend, and now I kind of really want to run one as well. I want to wear a black tank top that says "I do it the Gerard Way" and fluorescent green shorts.

4. I really want to dye my hair like this (not the cut, just the dye job. I love my long hair) :

Black with orange-ish/blonde on top. I think it would be way cute. And another tribute to my fave lead singer. Ha!

5. I want to serve my mission in New Jersey. It's been my lifelong goal to teach Jon Bon Jovi. (and now Gerard Way!)

6. I have a Britney Spears song on my iPod! AGGGHHH! Don't worry. It's a Christmas song off a multi-artist CD. It's actually pretty good.

Well, that's weirdo me. I therefore tag: Angela, Kimm, Lisa, Chelsea, & Natalie.

Whew! Well, I should really get back to studying. Wish me luck with finals and hope that I see emo kid again! I was gonna give him my number last week, but I never saw him. If I don't see him this week, I may never see him again! Aggh! I'm in love with a boy and I don't even know his name! Haha!


Erin said...

Totally loved meeting you! Check back on my blog because I just played the funniest prank on Kimm!

Savy said...

Omg I can totally relate to the musical thing except mine is a sitcom. The weirdest things happen to me, just like a sitcom. Sometimes I worry someone will turn off their TV and I'll disappear! :p

Ang said...

I am so in for the marathon you are doing in three years. I am TOTALLY holding you to it! You wear green and I'll wear pink. It'll be so cute.

Your weird things are totally cracking me up!