Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Ears Must Hate Me

The concert last night was amazing! Paramore was so good! Hayley got the audience going and she was running around the stage headbanging. And then the guitarists backflipped over each other!!! It was so awesome!

Jimmy Eat World was really good too. They went straight from song to song without skipping a beat. It was a really good concert. Here's some footage:

My ears hurt so bad from going to 2 concerts in 4 days, listening to my iPod, and I just got a really bad head cold. Ouchy Pouchy!

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cowgirl4christ said...

My ears were ringing for three days after my MCR show. I couldn't listen to my iPod because it just made my head hurt worse. I was pretty pissed lol. But it was so worth it.
Glad you had a fun show! <3