Saturday, April 12, 2008


Last night was the MCR concert and it was incredible!!!

I was so scared we were going to be late. We were all running a little behind. :) I had the lady at the MAC counter do my eyes and I looked awesome. I found a really cute black shirt at Target and wore that with my hat and my skull sneakers and black bracelet and necklace. Black nail polish completed the ensemble. I didn't end up dying my hair. I was going to see if they had some black hairspray at Hot Topic, but I didn't have time. It took a long time to do my eyes.

We got to SaltAir 45 minutes before the doors opened and then we were in line for another 45 minutes after that! We all had to pee really bad so we headed straight to the bathrooms after we got inside. K. That place is a dump. It's called "The Cursed Palace" because it's burned down at least two times and was flooded once when the Great Salt Lake rose. Here are some pictures of the outside:

And this is what the inside looks like, minus the stagecoaches in the middle. And everything was painted black. The stage is to the left and the bathrooms are to the right. The bar is up the stairs.

Back to the bathrooms. I wouldn't be surprised if we all caught hepatitis in those things. They were disgusting! Yuck!! During the concert Gerard said that this was one of the most beautiful place they've played at. I'm guessing they had a much better bathroom than we did. :)

Drive By opened up and they were amazing! I'm still kicking myself for not getting their CD and having them sign it. The second opening act was Billy Talent. Not so much a fan of him. But he did get some good energy going. I thought it was cute when he said "If someone falls down you help them up. Gentlemen, take care of the ladies!!"

During the interim between Billy Talent and MCR we met this kid from Idaho and he was roasting in his sweatshirt. He had it pulled halfway over his head when MCR came out and everyone went NUTS!! So there's this poor kid who is getting crushed and can't see anything. It was kinda funny.

This concert was a lot different than last year's. I was so excited for flames and the giant balloons full of confetti that would burst, but when I saw the stage I was like "Yeah, there's no way they can get flames going on that stage." Gerard even said they cut their budget way back for this tour. But it was so AMAZING. They just rocked out all night long. Along with tracks from Black Parade and Three Cheers, they played stuff from Bullets, two B-sides (yay!) and a couple songs I've never heard before. One of them was called Desecration Road.

It was sooooo much fun. The crowd was really good too. Way better than OneRepublic, although they had to tell people not to throw punches during the opening act. There were a few mosh pits, but we were never in one of them, well except for Megan, but that was an accident. She went to sit on the side of the room for a little while, but when MCR came out she got shoved to the very front of the stage. It was so hot in there that she passed out and hit her head. She fell into a mosh pit and some jerkface stepped on her arm. But some guy pulled her out and she went to the EMT room. She's okay though. She got a blue hospital glove for a souvenir. We found her and totally rocked out for the last song of the night, HELENA!!! That's her song!!! And we were by this back hallway and saw the boys go to their room. It was cool.

It was a nice small venue. We got way close and didn't get crushed! It was amazing! Like ten feet from the stage. I could almost see the sweat dripping off their faces! Some kid kept grabbing my arm. I wanted to knock him over, the little dweeb. When we were on the other side of the room there was this kid behind me that knocked my hat over my eyes. Ha! I couldn't see at all. But he situated it back on my head and then patted it down. It was hilarious.

It was an incredible show. It was so hot in there. When we all got in the car the windows all fogged up cause we were so hot. It took forever to get out of the parking lot. But luckily some guy came around selling shirts because I totally forgot to get one inside!

I'm still super exhausted. It's a workout! All that jumping up and down. I still have ringing in my ears, but I'm not as hoarse anymore. Ha! When I went to the staff meeting this morning they all said I looked hungover cause I was super tired and had my sunglasses on and sat in the corner. But I still had a slight headache and didn't want those bright lights making it worse.

It was such a fun show! I only wish I could've taken a camera in. Oh well. Here's a video of them jamming when Gerard was blond. AMAZING SHOW BOYS!!!


cowgirl4christ said...

Sounds like your show was amazing too! :D
I had to go to school the day after my show ... that was quite the experience ... me and three of my girlfriends all went ... three of us are in band and our ears were ringing so bad we couldn't hear ourselves play ... and then I'd be sitting in class trying to talk to my friends, and they'd go "What? What?! I can't hear you!" lol. It was so bad.
But it was way worth it <3

Savy said...

Wow! Can't wait for my concert-except for the being stepped on and passing out part. lol

Lucky me my concert is on a Friday so I can sleep I on Saturday! :p

Sounds great, though! Gotta love those boys!

Raven said...

i was there with my bestfriend! it was so awsom!