Monday, April 7, 2008

It's here! It's here!

My hat came in the mail on Saturday! I was so excited. Of course my entire family mocks it, but I don't care. I LOVE it. I wore it all day. I even wore it with the tags on for like three hours because I was so excited to get it that I forgot to take them off! Haha. Whoops!

Sad news! Yesterday I was vacuuming underneath the cupboards in the kitchen and I got this sharp pain in my hand. Yeah, I got like a three inch sliver STUCK in my hand. I did get it out though. It was surprisingly really painful. I just hope I don't get an infection. I've been having bad luck lately with minor injuries. :) Last week I went to get something out of a cupboard and caught my finger on a nail that was protruding out of it. Ouchy Pouchy! I think I just need to steer clear of the kitchen cupboards.

Anyway, only 4 more days until....

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! I am so excited! Woot! Woot!

I got this album on iTunes called Strung Out: The String Quartet Tribute to Alternative Rock Hits, Vol. 3 by the Vitamin String Quartet and they cover "Welcome to the Black Parade". It's pretty awesome. They have a whole CD of MCR cover songs, which I will be purchasing shortly.


Savy said...

Where did you get that calendar! OMG I HAVE to have that!!! Hey, I feel for you in your anticipation towards your MCR concert-mine is in May at Madison Square Garden! Anyway, love the calendar!

p.s. This might sound random, but your profile says you live in Utah-Are you Mormon?

cowgirl4christ said...

I bought the Vitamin String Quartet tribute to MCR ... omg! It's amazing! My favorite is their string version of I Never Told You What I Do For A Living <3

Bryant and Chelsea said...

I must see a picture of you in this hat! I want in on the mocking too! :)

Ang said...

Does that mean you are going to wear the green t shirt with the black long sleeve shirt underneath???

Have fun at the concert.

Tell you M & D to get some new cupboards! :)

Kimm said...

You better Rock that hat at the concert!!