Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I ended up getting the green shirt for the concert for two reasons: a) the last time I ordered something from the MCR store it was backordered forever, so I wanted to make sure it got here in time and 2) I really wanted to have a shirt that no one else would, and I love the saying on it. However, I got my shirt today and part of it is misspelled! Instead of saying "you want him, you gotta go through me" it says "you want him you gotta go THREW me." Just, you know, a minor mishap. I was a little worried about how it would fit and it actually fits great expect that it's a guy's shirt so the sleeves are forever long and it just looks kinda boxy. I thought about keeping it as maybe a pajama shirt, but I think I'm just gonna send it back. :( I did find that other t-shirt at Hot Topic, but all they had left was an extra small. I may just have to wear a black shirt with my incredible hat. I have a three-quarter length shirt I might wear. I'm kind of leery about wearing just a t-shirt because of the Relief Society-ness of my arms. No bueno when one is jumping up and down.

DISCLAIMER: I really don't like posting pictures of myself because of my big fat face, but Chelsea wants a picture of me in my awesome hat. I hope you all treasure this because it is a once in a lifetime experience:

This is me with my hair in straightened pigtails. It looks better when it's down. But gotta love the hat.

This one is of me with curly-haired pigtails and my misspelled shirt.

Maybe I'll just wear my Budweiser cowboy hat. That won't get me beat up....

...I'll just glare at them like this all saucy-like.

And here is a picture of Snowflake listening to General Conference on the radio. She really sits in the chair like this. I swear she thinks she's human.

Less than 48 hours to the concert! I am so excited!!!

P.S. Shaundawg goes into the doctor tomorrow to see how her foot is. Let's all say a little prayer for her and hope she doesn't have to get surgery. <3

P.P.S. Saw emo kid today and yesterday. I heart him.


Savy said...

Awesome hat! And you look cute! I can't believe you worry about posting pictures of yourself! Oh, and since I just started reading your blog im gonna go find out who "emo boy" is.:p

Kimm said...

You are flippin Hot! Your whole blog should be only pictures of you!!