Thursday, April 3, 2008

8 days left!!!

I found this Black Parade press conference on YouTube last year. It's got 11 or 12 different parts where the band answers questions from fans. This one is my favorite. They make so much fun of Mikey. Poor kid! I love Bob's little contribution at the end. "Slippers."


cowgirl4christ said...

Omg! I love Bob! <3 In all the interviews he's always so out of it, lol
I've seen these press conferences on YouTube but I havn't watched any of them yet ... except this one now. Now I have to see the others! lol
"Yeah, you can bring coconuts too Mikey." LOL :D

cowgirl4christ said...

I watched the other 11 parts of this on YouTube earlier.
I love it! <3 These boys are amazing.

Smithers said...

Hahaha. I love these boys!