Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Angela's New House

This is Shaundawg in the kid's room. The ceiling is painted like sky, it's super cute. This is the closet in the kid's room. She said she might leave the shelves in.
These are the doors to the kid's room. I think they are friggin' adorable.
This is the patio.
This is me.
This is the bano.
This is the master bano.
This is the shower in the master bano.
Second bedroom.
Master bedroom. She's going to put blinds in.

This is the comfy couch.
This is the comfy sofa.
This is the kitchen. It's huge!
This is the dining room.
This is the desk and pantry.

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Kimm said...

Holy Hotness!!!! You are looking good my Hermana!! Congrats on the mission call!! That is so exciting!!