Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dreams, Mugs, and Bug Bites

I have the craziest dreams in the world. I am so not even kidding. One time I woke up screaming, not because I was having a nightmare, but I dreamt that someone jumped out from behind a wall and startled me. So anyway, last night I had a dream that I totally met Bon Jovi and Tico kept taking my credit cards because he thought it was funny when I looked in my wallet and couldn't find them. But then dreamt that I was telling my mom about the dream. And then I woke up and actually told my mom about the dream within a dream. Nuts, huh?

For my birthday (3 months ago) my sister gave me a "gift certificate" saying that she would take me to Color Me Mine. Last Saturday we went and I got to paint a mug. They had to fire it in the kiln, so I got it back last night. I wanted to paint it black with white polka dots, but they turned out to be more like polka ovals. I still like it though.

And finally, my bug bite. Last night my ankle started itching, so naturally, I scratched at it and felt this bump. Lo and behold, I have a HUGE bug bite. I put some Benadryl today and haven't scratched it at all, but it is totally enflamed. I have a picture of it (it's not a very good pic, my mom took it; my family did get a laugh out of me hopping around on one leg with a camera in one hand and holding my bitten leg in the other trying to get a picture).

This picture is so bad. I'm trying to decide if I have skinny legs or huge ankles. (But at least I don't have cankles. Woohoo!) But seriously, my leg looks like a 3 wood. Here's a pic to compare:

But look how huge that bite is! Geez Louise, it looks like a was attacked by a mammoth mosquito. I should have put like a quarter on my leg for comparison so you could see how big it actually is. By the way, the smaller red spots are scars from many a shaving accident and all the little red dots on my leg are the signature trademark of every pasty white girl. :p

That's my life for today. I certainly hope my bite goes down. Otherwise it will be most uncomfortable.


Ang said...

I was literally laughing out loud when you compared your leg to a 3 wood. I read it to Nate and showed him the pic. And, obviously you have super skinny legs. Duh. I think you may have been bit by a tranchula! I hope that whatever bit you did not leave a nest of eggs in your leg. Ewwwwe. I'm sure it's fine. I really do hope it gets better!

Smithers said...

A nest of eggs!! Uh-oh. I better stop traipsing bare-ankled through the woods at dusk.

Scott and Erin said...

So I was snooping on your blog because Angela added you to her links and oh my goodness...I wet my pants when I saw the comparrison of your leg with the three wood. You are super funny! Anyway, I think you have nice legs...despite the bug bite. If you haven't noticed...skinny is in. Isn't it weird that I don't even know you and I'm talking to you about your nice legs? Well...keep on keeping on!