Sunday, July 8, 2007


07/07/07 - I spent this lucky day at the Vans Warped Tour. I won free tickets from The Truth About Tobacco and got two full-access passes to the event. I went with my friends Lauran, Trisha, and Nate and it was so much fun. It was way hot and I got totally fried. As Brain said to Pinky, "I am in a considerable amount of pain."

I was wearing a t-shirt, so on top of my sunburn I'm going to have a nasty farmer's tan. And, I am ashamed to say it, I am officially a redneck. My neck got the worst of it, but there is a small white patch where my ponytail was hanging. My left arm also got extra burned from driving there and back.

There were so many people there. We didn't really take full advantage of our passes, but we did accidentally wander backstage once, but the band that had been playing went straight to their trailer so the next group could get on. But it was a lot of fun. Very enjoyable. I got a t-shirt and a free hat. I wish I had taken my camera, but I left it in the car in case we weren't allowed to take them in. But I've got the CDs, merch, and wristband to prove I was there.
I didn't post songs last week because I've been so busy. But two songs that I've been listening to lately actually have the same name, but are both very different and very good.
"Satellite" by Guster and by Kiss Kiss.
and the MCR song I've been enjoying most the past week is "My Way Home is Through You"
Woohoo!! Warped Tour!!

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