Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just Call Me Jeff Gordon

It was such an exciting day for me because it was the first time I've driven on the freeway by myself. Me and Sheniqua went all the way to Mapleton and back today. She's been on the highway before, but only once with me behind the wheel, and that was when my friend an I drove out to her bridal shower. I was quite proud of myself and very happy that I made it alive. Utah drivers are terrible, but I made it through. I get to go out there again tomorrow. Wish me luck!

My iPod picks for this week are:

"Time is Running Out" by Muse (going to see them September 12)

"You Give Love a Bad Name" by Blake Lewis (My American Idol)

"Ready to Fall" by Rise Against

"Forever Young" by So They Say

and the MCR pick of the week is....drum roll please...

"Cemetery Drive" I just can never get enough of this song. They performed it when I saw them in Seattle and I was soooooo excited. Of course I love all of their songs, but this one is just amazing!

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