Saturday, June 23, 2007

I have a confession

I actually got a break at work today, so I went to the aforementioned Graywhale to see if they had that James Blunt CD. Anyway, the last two times I bought something there, the same kid has rung me up. So I walk in and he is standing right by the door, with... a My Chemical Romance messenger bag. I think he's kind of cute and he is way nice. Last time I went there, he sold me My Chem's first CD and we talked about it for a couple minutes and he was just so sweet. I think I have a bit of a crush. But he was wearing these tight red jeans that have just got to go. Other than that, he is a-okay. I just love emo boys. There was this way cute kid that used to clean the store where I work, and he was totally emo too. But he was also just incredibly nice. He was seriously the nicest kid I've ever met. My friends told me I would go bright red when I talked to him. I was so sad when he quit. So anyway, that's my confession. I have a total crush on the kid who works at Graywhale. :D <3

P.S. They didn't have the James Blunt CD, but I did end up getting a CD from So They Say.

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