Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Look at me go!

Wow! A new year and a new post!

So much has happened during the month since my last post. I thought that when school got out I would have more time to do stuff, but working 50 hours a week put a sufficient stop to that. And school starts again in two days. Where does the time go?

I have some exciting news with which I am going to toot my own horn: Even with working two jobs, I managed to scrape out a 4.0 this semester!! This hasn't happened with me working just one job. Apparently insane amounts of stress are a key ingredient to academic success.

Christmas was enjoyable. Santa brought me an awesome toy:

It is an Old Fashioned Movie Time Popcorn Machine! I popped some delicious kernels and watched Harry Potter on Christmas Day.

Here are some pics of my cute puppy with one of the new squeaky toys I gave her for Christmas (and yes, the pictures are staged).

Whew! That takes care of end of semester and Christmas. For New Year's, Anne and I went and saw I am Legend. It was a good flick, but it was a little creepy and probably not the best film for someone as jumpy as I am (or someone who is still scared of the dark, as I also am). But I thought it was a good plot nonetheless. Now I just need a cute boy to go see P.S. I Love You with and then I might get my nerves back.

Oh! I almost forgot the Allyse's Christmas Party! Shaundawg won a Smashbox Makeup kit, which is now mine and I won $200! Here is a pic of Meg (my date), Tyson, and Me.

It was a lot of fun (even if I did spill salad dressing all over my new shirt!). But my hair looks great, even though you can't see my emo streak in this pic.

So I am kind of weird cuz I like songs that make me cry. I just got the album Dreaming Out Loud by OneRepublic on iTunes this week, and there is this song that I really like called "Come Home." It's pretty much amazing, even though it is a tearjerker. *sniff*sniff* J/K. Check it out. It's the iPod pick for the week from the person who has the absolute best musical taste ever. ;)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! MAY 2008 BE THE YEAR OF DREAMS!! (wow that was corny)

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Ang said...

That little popcorn machine is soooooooo you! Next time I visit, you better make me a batch, extra butter please!

Who would have thought snowflaker could actually look cute. :)

You guys had pretty good prizes at your work party! Too bad your mom won a gift she didn't like, I mean, awesome for you!

You better start posting more!!! I love it when you do.