Thursday, January 17, 2008


My friend Megan and I went to the OneRepublic concert yesterday and it was so much fun! The opening bands were really great and we got to meet all three of them and we even met/hugged/got our photo with one of the guitarists of OneRepublic! Once I figure out how to get the photos off of my phone I will be sure to post them. The guys from the band The Daylights were so cute and so nice. I got the cutest picture of Meg with them. You can check them out at

The one on the right is Svend. He's from Denmark. He spoke Danish to us! Not pictured is their buddy Russ, who was such a sweetheart!

The one second from the right is the one we got our picture with. His name is Drew Brown.

The concert was fun even with the horrible Utah fans who have to prove that they are the most obnoxious people in the world. We were like twenty feet from the stage and could barely move through most of the concert because people kept shoving. Meg even lost her shoes. Twice. But she found them. It's kind of funny because when I went to the MCR concert in Seattle, everyone was totally chill and cool and behaved themselves even though it was a concert where you could totally go out of control. However, this concert, which had much tamer music, was completely insane. I've never felt so close to so many people. :) I was pushed, prodded, groped and violated . However, I also inadvertently did a lot of those things to other people as well. Sorry guys! We're all in this together, although it did add to my list of Utahns Are Horrible ...

So along with the amazing concert are the iPod picks for this week which will contain a majority of OneRepublic:
"Come Home" by OneRepublic - They introduced this song as a tribute they had written to one of their friends who is a marine in Iraq. I actually had this as a ringtone for one of my friends and I always get excited when it goes off.
"Apologize" by OneRepublic - This is their first single. Check out the video on YouTube. The lead singer is friggin hot in it (p.s. make sure it is the official video w/ Timbaland and not that fake video with the creepy girl.)
"Stop and Stare" by OneRepublic - I just love this song.
"All We Are" by OneRepublic - Just a great song.

And the MCR pick of the week/month depending on how often I post is:
"My Way Home is through You" I absolutely LOVE this song. It played on my iPod on the drive home from work today and I just had to crank that volume up. Love the song. Love the band. Am naming my first son Gerard. Sorry, I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with that glorious band and its gorgeous lead singer. ;)

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Ang said...

Wooo hooooooo! You finally posted. You are such a little rocker now going to bunches of concerts! I know that you had the best time with me though..... right!!!!! I LOVE Appologize by OneRepublic! I run to it all the time. Kyah sings it too. Where was said concert at? Tell me you got a shirt too. Actually, I know you did. Also, would you figure out how to get those pics off your phone. And soon. Not like two months from now!!! Love ya!