Sunday, September 16, 2007


Holy Moley!! - It's been a loooong time since I have posted. I have been so CRAZY busy. I've been working two jobs all summer (well, ever since Warped Tour) and I just started school. This is the most intense semester I've had so far. I have to take this ethics and values class where I have to write a one-page paper (single-spaced) for every class period and I have to write a ten page research paper at the end of the semester. Oh and I have to write another ten page paper research paper for my English class too. Is it wrong to submit the same paper for both classes? My problem is that I am a lazy genius.

Just to prove it, I am writing two papers due tomorrow right now. I am the queen of procrastination. But it's not like I am not just sitting around picking my nose. Yesterday I worked eight hours, went to the library, cleaned my kitchen and then passed out on the couch, watching SNL of course.

I did just get back from vacation. I went to see Nate and Angela in Seattle again. Angela and I went to the Puyallup State Fair and saw Chris Daughtry in concert. Angela wanted to go on the rides, and I was very apprehensive, for I have not been on a roller coaster since I was about five or six years old and it was the little dragon thing at Lagoon. I totally lost it back then, so the butterflies were churning double time at the fair. But I wanted to be a good sport and be brave, so we went on the egg beater first. HOLY COW!! It was so intense. I was on the inside of the seat and everytime it flipped around I swore I was going to crash into the other carts.

Then we went on this crazy zigzag ride that went high in the air and then jerked you around. I was so scared. I had to take a potty break between every ride just to make sure I didn't wet myself.

Then we went on the Monster Mouse, which we were going to save for last, but we went on it anyway. That was so scary. I thought I was just going to be thrown out of the car. Angela took pictures of us while we were in the car and we were both just screaming.

After that, I wanted to go on a safer ride, so we agreed to go on the Matterhorn. You just sit in a car and it spins you around a little mountain. I thought it would be nice and easy. Oh no. Once again, I thought I was going to fly out of the cart. I thought I was going to die. But Angela reminded me about the average age of the rest of the riders and felt very silly for my trepidation.

Angela wanted to go on this ride:

But luckily, someone threw up on it and they had to close it down to clean it.

We each had one ticket left. Angela wanted to go on this crazy ride called the Jumper, but I did NOT want to go on it. I finally plucked up enough courage and we got on the ride. It took forever for them to get it going though. They had to recheck all of our harnesses to make sure they were ok and all the instructions on the panels were in GERMAN!! I was soooo nervous. The girls sitting next to me were funny though. When we finally took off, we started spinning in a circle (we were in chairs on a disc) and then we went so high! I closed my eyes for the longest time. I finally had the courage to open them and it wasn't as scary as I had thought. It was way fun. For some reason it wasn't as bad as the other rides. I think I liked it even more than Angela did. And I didn't pee my pants. :)

The concert was really great, ( I got a t-shirt. Woohoo!) although I must admit I thought he could have done a better job. He just seemed to stand in the middle of the stage the whole time, but he did bust out his own guitar and play some great acoustic parts. I was a little disappointed that he didn't sing all the songs on his CD, but it was still amazing. He sounded so incredible too. It was so much fun. We sat next to this older couple and they were so funny. They watched me, Angela, and Kimm sing all the lyrics and they were just laughing and having a great time. Here is a video of the concert. You can hear us all singing too.

It was so much fun. But now I am back to the drudgery of school and work. I don't think I have ever had a more intense phase of my life. I have so much schoolwork, so much work work, and so much regular life work that I am feeling totally overwhelmed. But I guess what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Although next semester I am taking totally easy classes. I am also never taking any chemistry or English classes ever again. I feel the need to revert to my internal nerdiness and major in math.

This is one of the things that I hate about being an adult: all the freakin' hard decisions. I want to go back to elementary school where my one fear was climbing the ropes in gym class. Growing up blows. I just want a juice box and a blanket so I can have nap time. I guess it will all work out in end, but right now I am struggling. I've kind of got that philosophy right now that life sucks and then you die. But I think once this semester is over and December is here that things will be a lot better and I will finally be able to breathe.

P.S. Emo kid is out. Kristen has a new boy in her life and trying to drum up enough confidence to let him know that he needs to ask her out.

Well, I better get back to writing my papers. If luck will have it I might be able to get four whole hours of sleep tonight!

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Ang said...

You are feakin crackin me up! (I left the g's off on purpose.) Thanks for being so brave a the fair. It was sooooooo much fun. School sucks, but it will be over before you know it and then you wish you could go back, well, to the fun parts. Just take it one assignment at a time. And I'm sure if you wanted a juice box and your blankie, your mom would oblige. :) OH, what is the second job you speak of? Glad you have it, then you can come out AGAIN! I love it when you're here! I pretty much cry the whole ride home from the airport after dropping you off.

Love the post. Keep it up.