Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Crazy Times

Oh my gosh I have been so busy with school and last weekend and all of this week so far I have been sick. I've got so much to do! (So why am I sitting here blogging?)

My second job this summer (on top of working at Allyse's Bridal and teaching piano) was working at Bridal Manufacturing Designs in Mapleton. I loved it there. It was so amazing. It was basically just me and Whitney making brides's dreams come true by sending dresses to stores, but we had between one and five adorable boys in every day. And Jim, our boss.

Speaking of the boys, here is a picture of my amazing friend Tyson on his way out to Mapleton:

Anne had just given him a tub of Ute ice cream, because they had won their last game and BYU (his favorite team) had just gotten creamed. I brought my camera just to capture this moment of incredulous disgust on his face. Gotta love it.

It is so cold in my house. I had a bottle of water in my room and it had condensation on the INSIDE when I got home from school. I'm wearing three layers and my fuzzy pink socks right now. It's super crazy because just three days ago it was almost 90 degrees outside and today it is 50. This just confirms my theory that global warming is a bunch of doowiddley.

I just got an e-mail from my friend LISA today. She moved to Idaho a few months ago. We worked together at Allyse's and she is so funny. But sometimes she would take advantage of my jumpy personality and make sudden moves to scare me. She has a blog too! Check it out. She is expecting a baby boy soon and she looks so cute!

Well, I better stop blogging and start on my ten-page paper :)

OH! I almost forgot! My iPod pick for this week is the new James Blunt CD "All the Lost Souls". All of it, the whole thing. It is totally amazing.

Anyway, got lots to do!

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