Sunday, November 18, 2007

I know it's early, but....

I was cleaning my room this weekend, and I thought "Hey, since I have to clean anyway, why don't I just put up my Christmas decorations?" So basically, my room now looks like the North Pole exploded, even though Thanksgiving hasn't even come yet:

This is the top shelf of my desk. I'm going to put a little Christmas picture in the red frame. I got the white and green candle holders at Bath and Body Works last year, and the big red candle I won at our annual New Year's Eve Bingo party at Grandma's house. And yes, I realize that the Halloween tissues are out of place, but I have to use them up!

This is my Whimsical Penguin that I got at Costco for $10. It is so cute. You can push it and it won't fall over, unless it is done maliciously and then yes, it will fall over.

I have had this wreath forever. I made it like eight years ago and it still looks great (if I do say so myself). Even though I had to use packing tape to secure one of the little presents, it is a fabulous piece. There are two shelf sitters on my television.

This is the top of my dresser. I got the big Santa boot from Kirklands last year (on clearance, of course). The two oil warmers on either side of it I got from Bath and Body Works this year. The water globe next to the white one is my FAVORITE thing. It is so pretty. I bought it in October, but it was the last one so I had to. I also LOVE the figurine of Santa kneeling to Baby Jesus. And the candle in front of it smells AMAZING.

I got this snowman this year at Kirklands (thank goodness for those 25% off coupons). It is actually a bird feeder, but I put it at the foot of my bed. My mother keeps threatening to put birdseed in it.

Here is my little tree. It always fall over without any assistance. It is so bright that it lights up my whole room. I do have some tacky ornaments on it, but for the most part it is beautiful.

I tried taking a picture of it with the lights out. I had to hold my finger over the auto-flash. It looks a lot better in person.
I got these boxes at Kirkland's last week. They are so friggin' cute. (I know, I am going to blow a circuit. I'm like Clark Griswald). P.S. The nativity water globe is actually my sister's. But since she left her crap here, I am going to use it.

This is my little shelf sitter Santa.

This is my little chest of drawers next to my bookcase. I got the candle holder at Kirkland's and the other pieces from previous Bingo Nights.

This is one of my favorite new additions to my Christmas collection. I got this super cute quilt, shams and blanket at Target. They are so comfortable. And I got the pillows from Costco. I absolutely LOVE it.
Well, that's my room. Isn't it amazing? J/K. Once again, I have put off my paper to blog. But I really don't want to write my paper, so everyone wins. Plus I haven't posted since September, so I figured it was high time to do so.

One of my new favorite songs on my iPod was one that I actually got for free. Every week the iTunes store offers about three songs for free. One of them is a Latin song, and most of the time the other two aren't worth listening to, but once in a while a really good song will come out. For example, a few weeks ago they had "Pictures of You" by the Last Goodnight. Excellent song. However, the one I am really loving right now is "Best Days" by Graham Colton. It is amazing. Love it. Even if you just listen to the 30 second blip on iTunes you will love it too. And just for good measure and keeping with my Christmas-themed room, I will throw in "All I Want for Christmas is You" by my signature band My Chemical Romance. It's not available on iTunes, but you should be able to YouTube it. It is amazing as well.

Only two days of school this week and then it is work, work, work. But no Chem Lab! Woohoo! Hydrochloric acid is not my friend. If I don't manage to post during the rest of the week (But I will try since I am getting my hair done on Tuesday. Pics, pics, pics), Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and remember to live life to the fullest.


P.S. My friend Lisa just had an adorable baby boy last Thursday. He is so cute. Check out her blog in my links.

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Ang said...

I decided to check you blog today and I was going to write, you suck! But then I saw you had a new post! So fun. You don't suck after all. :) I love the quilt and the boxes with lights and the snow globe. What a fun room. I'm going to call you Grandma Skeem!

I saw the Graham Colton Band in Concert when I was prego with Kyah. They were awesome. I'm going to check out their song. Thanks for the tip.

Good luck in school. Hope Thankgiving was great. But really, how could it have been with me?!! Ha.