Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Friday was my birthday and I am now of legal age to buy alcohol. :) My bro was in town for an interview with the BYU MBA program so all the family was together for my big day. We had dinner and presents. I got an emo balloon too. Well, not really emo, but it was black. And then we had cheesecake. We were going to have ice cream cake, but Shaundawg schruted that. :)

I have the greatest news too! I got my tickets today for the greatest concert of all time: My Chemical Romance!!!

These are my boys!!! I <3 the one in the middle.
Also good news! I made the top favorite people list of Kimm Hanni! Check it out: This is Angela's sister and she obviously has impeccable taste to choose me as one of her favorite people.
And now for the absolutely most important part of my blog, iPod picks:

4AM Forever by LostProphets
You're Not Alone by Saosin
$1 Trillion Dollar$ by Anti-Flag
This is the End (For You My Friend) by Anti-Flag (also my new ringtone)
The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls
Welcome to the Black Parade by MCR.

Rock on my homies! (Wow that was over the top corny)


Kimm said...

I am pretty sure I am one of your favorite people of 2007!! Hope I will see you in april, when angela runs the marathon...guess what I am the insane!!

Kimm said...

I am running the 5k...not I am the 5k..that would be cool if I was the 5k!!

cowgirl4christ said...

Congrats on getting tickets to see MCR!!
I'm going to their Portland, OR show on the 8th. I can't wait! <3