Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Anarchist Valentine

Valentine’s Day is here again
And like all the ones before
There is no one to greet me
With a dozen roses at my door

I have friends who say they love me
And those who say they care
But the one I truly, deeply need
Isn’t waiting there

The one thing I need most right now
To forget the pain I feel inside
Is to be held in his arms tonight
And have him by my side

I ache for him, I pray for him
I hold him in my heart
The problem’s not that he won’t stop
It’s that he won’t even start

There is no sweet release for me
So I beg of those above
To answer me this question brief
“When is it my turn to be loved?”

I fell for you and you left me
Cold and all alone
What will it take to crumble
Your heart that’s made of stone?

I would have given you everything
My life, my heart, my soul
To have this just one thing from you:
To be called your own

I have to leave you behind now
But maybe one day you’ll see
I will always be the one for you
Even if you won’t be for me

And so goodbye my valentine
You’ve let me slip away
Once again we find ourselves
Alone on a Valentine’s Day.


Ang said...


Who is this A#* Hole??? I'm going to kick his butt!

Obviously he is a frickin idiot. You are the coolest chick I know! Not to mention HOT!

And honestly, valentine smalentine, it's all a waste of money!

I love you and what else matters?

It's just a matter of time before Mr. Right comes along. And isn't Mr. Right better than Mr. Right Now? It's worth the wait. :)

No quit writing depressing poems, you're making my mascara run.

P.S. Don't let your mom read my colorful language. :)

Ang said...

That should say NOW quit writing...